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by Reinhard Kowalski

Hello, I'm Reinhard Kowalski, I am a consultant clinical psychologist in the British Health Service, a psychosynthesis psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, a certified practitioner of Energy Therapies and a Seemorg Matrix Practitioner and Trainer. I also teach in the UK, Germany and Spain.Reinhard Kowalski

I am also an author and have two resources published through Speechmark Publishing, details of which are below. I run a MindBalancing Meditation Programme which grew out of my many years of experience of working therapeutically with people and I have a special interest in meditation and energy work.

In MindenergyBalancing I combine the latest developments in Energy Psychology like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Seemorg Matrix Work with Western psychotherapy, including CBT and MindBalancing meditation practices.

"In MindenergyBalancing we work with the subtle energy fields of body and mind while including the verbal level of psychological processing. But we never get stuck at the verbal level.
Meditation and Energy Psychology methods always lead us to the deepest levels of our being where profound balancing and healing can occur"

I am available for consultations, therapy and coaching in Buckinghamshire in the UK and for telephone consultations, take a look at my website

The Mindfulness & Mindbalancing Handbook

Anxiety & Stress Management Toolkit

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The Mindfulness & Mindbalancing HandbookThe Mindfulness & Mindbalancing Handbook

This is a comprehensive resource for learning, practising and teaching meditation.

This book is still being produced and is not yet published, if you decide to order now, we will send it to you once it is in stock.

Meditation is becoming a useful tool in the arsenal of the established healing professions. In particular Mindfulness meditation is recommended in the NICE guidelines as a treatment for depression and has proved helpful for a range of problems, including anxiety disorders and OCD.

It can also be used with physical, psychosomatic and stress-related problems, and as a self-development programme.

This comprehensive handbook:

  • Guides the reader into meditation practices in a systematic, gradual and practical way.

  • Includes Cognitive Therapy exercises, reflections, relaxation, guided imagery, breathing exercises and a wide range of meditation practices from different traditions.

  • Contains clear instructions on how to use the exercises and practices, as well as suggestions on how they can be used with individuals and in groups.

  • Addresses the differing needs of readers, whether it is to 'dip into' meditation a little, to follow a programme, to learn about the spiritual aspects of meditation, or simply to create more peacefulness, calmness, groundedness and centredness in their own and in the lives of others.

The two audio CDs enable the reader to develop their own varied daily relaxation and meditation practices, as well as photocopiable worksheets, record-forms and audio exercises, so practitioners can read them out in groups or to individual clients, if they prefer to use their own voice.

Meditation is a complex subject. This handbook provides a clear and practical guide that introduces the reader to the wider context of meditation, provides an optional deeper understanding of some of the concepts and models, and includes comprehensive resources for those who want to explore meditation further.

Contents include: The context of meditation; Mindfulness and Mindbalancing; The oriental forerunners of Mindfulness; The world of wanting; Balancing inner qualities; The chakras and the five elements; Spiritual intelligence.

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Anxiety & Stress Management ToolkitAnxiety & Stress Management Toolkit

This pack of 3 CD's and user manual, makes use of cognitive therapy methods, as well as meditative and reflective techniques, to produce an accessible and comprehensive resource for use in combating anxiety and stress in many client groups.

The Toolkit is ideal for the treatment of chronic tension, anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, phobias, psychogenic pain, stress-related and psychosomatic disorders and tranquiliser withdrawal.

Covering areas such as Muscular relaxation, Relaxed breathing, Meditation, Concentration and Positive thinking, the author's own positive approach accentuates personal growth and self-development.

This resource can be used as a structured and progressive programme with both individuals and groups.

Contains 3 CDs, 64pp A5 booklet, 5 photocopiable instruction cards, cased.

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Anxiety & Stress Management Toolkit


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The Mindfulness & Mindbalancing Handbook

Anxiety & Stress Management Toolkit

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